Happy National Black Cat Day!

Happy Black cat day! In honor of today, we’d like to post some pictures of how unique each black cat is, as they are the least color adopted. 😦

These are just the black cats that have been featured on Kittensncats, and as you can see, they all are very different from each other with huge personalities, and differences. Send some pictures of your black cat to thekittenplace@gmail.com, so everyone can see how each black cat is different, and how they are a great choice when choosing to adopt a cat!

Litter Box Troubles

loo in litter

There are many unanswered questions about cats using Litter boxes, so here are two questions answered.

1. Why does my cat throw Litter everywhere outside the box?

In extreme cases, your cat may be having trouble going to the bathroom. He may be throwing around litter trying to be able to go and might be in pain. If this is the case, and none of the following solutions are helpful, you should take him to the vet.

However, most of the time cats are just being cats, and want to play in the litter box.

Your cat is most likely trying to dig a hole to do his business and to dig that hole, it has to move litter around, and that’s when litter escapes the box.

Solution #1 – Get a litter mat. If you don’t already have one, they do a good job catching litter, and your floor doesn’t get full of it. A litter mat will also protect your floor, especially if it is wooden, from getting scratched up. Make sure you get one bigger than the size of your litter box.

Solution #2 – Get a litter box with higher sides, such as a plastic Rubbermaid tub about 2 feet tall. These are usually the same price as regular litter boxes, sometimes even a little cheaper!

Solution #3 – Spray your cat with a water when you see him throwing litter around. She might get the message after being sprayed a few times to stop being so messy. Don’t spray them too much though, or they might think using the litter box is wrong.

Solution #4 – Buy heavier litter like pellets. It will be a lot harder to throw pellets around!

Solution #5 – If none of the above solutions work, consider toilet training your cat. You will not have to buy as much litter, and some say this method is much easier than cleaning the litter box daily.

Now for the second question, Why does my cat roll around in the litter?

Every few weeks, cats like to take dust baths. Outdoor cats will roll around in dirt, and indoor cats will roll around in their litter. The reason? They do this to replenish their body’s bacteria. After they’ve rolled around, they lick all that dust off, and bacteria goes into their system. This is perfectly normal, although it shouldn’t be a daily occurence.


August’s Kittens of the month!

“We decided to call these two kittens Fern and Ivy. Fern is a little shy, and will still run away sometimes when you come close to her. She looks more worried than Ivy, but it very playful, and loves to run around. Ivy is friendlier, and will come right up to you waiting to be pet. She also loves to be held. The two of them are the sweetest little kittens, and make the cutest pair!”